Sunday, 5 August 2012

Restaurant Two

It was one of my closest friend's birthday recently, so we decided to celebrate it by fine dining at Restaurant Two at 2 Edward Street, Brisbane.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is very classy yet relaxed. I love the interior decor, it is very simple and clean with little touches that gives it some extra character. My cousin and I arrived early and instead of having to wait awkwardly by ourselves at the table, we were able to relax on the beautiful chairs in the entrance while the others arrived. The waiters were all extremely friendly and looked after us very well, even bringing us water while we waited for our friends.

After a long day at work I couldn't wait to tuck into all the yummy food on the menu! I started off with the Seared Hervey Bay Scallops which were cooked to perfection. The onion rings were also extremely crispy and the smoked tomatoes added an interesting flavour to the dish. This would have been my favourite dish of the night.

For mains, I had the Beef with Paris Marsh and Mushrooms. I chose the beef to be cooked medium well because I don't like mine too bloody, although I found it a bit too tough, probably should pick medium in the future. I still really enjoyed the main, the beef was really nice and I loved the mash and the mushrooms which tied the whole dish together. The mash was so smooth!

Then came the dessert, I couldn't decide which one to pick but in the end I went with the Passionfruit souffle with Passionfruit ice cream. Unfortunately I wasn't as excited about this as I thought I would be. The souffle tasted a bit too eggy and the ice cream was a bit more icy than creamy. It also looked a bit plain, like something was missing on the plate. However, the souffle was cooked very well and it had risen beautifully. 

We also ordered some cocktails, I had the Amaretto Ruby Sours which was very nice, didn't taste too alcoholic so it's great for light drinkers like me.

Restaurant Two would be another place I'd be happy to return to one day and I can't wait to try more dishes on their menu!

Happy Eating!
Joanne :)
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